5 reasons why tanning is good for your health and fitness routine

Tanning bed is very popular in the United States. But the point is, many people think that tanning is harmful to their health. And after many years of existence, it seems that tanning has gotten some bad reps lately.

To clear the air, I’ve compiled a list of top five reasons why tanning is good for your health and even your fitness routine. And before I go on with the list, let me mention that tanning has benefits and risks. So, a reminder: if you do decide to tan, make sure you do it in moderation.

Vitamin D

The most popular benefit of tanning that we know of is the vitamin D you can get. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for your body. Unfortunately, too many people today don’t get enough vitamin D because of their lifestyle. Not only that, most don’t even realize they are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency can cause some problems for your body, such as weaker bone strength.

Some other problems you may experience from vitamin D deficiency include type 1 diabetes, muscle pain and inflammatory joint disease, asthma, cognitive problems, and breast, colon and prostate cancers. As you can see, the problems you can get from not getting enough vitamin D are not something you should ignore.

This is why tanning is popular with people who don’t get enough sunlight for various reasons. Sunbathing can be a great solution to get enough vitamin D on a daily basis. And unlike vitamin D supplements, which can give you more vitamin D than your body can actually use or needs, tanning gives your body exactly the amount it needs.

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Jet lag treatment

Did you know that sunbathing can also help with jet lag? If you are back from a trip and have trouble sleeping, you may want to visit a tanning salon. Many people who have tried it have sworn that the best way to reset your biological clock is to expose yourself to UV light. So next time you’re feeling jet lagged, why not try sunbathing and falling asleep under the UV light?

Tanning helps you look more muscular

It’s no secret that tanning can help you look more muscular. Tanning can help tone your pins, tone those abs and create the illusion that you look stronger and more muscular than usual. For some people, tanning is the finishing touch to their appearance, and they can’t go out without looking tanned. A pop of color can effortlessly cover all those bumps and bumps, and even make you look sexier.

When in doubt, why not try sunbathing yourself? If you’re already working out and trying to get fitter, tanning just might be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for. While we’re on the subject of exercise, check out the Pro Fitness & Tanning Blog for more tips.

feel better

It may be hard to explain, but tanning can definitely make you feel better. When you’re sunbathing, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel good. It is a similar feeling when you are playing or exercising. These endorphins are released naturally as you expose yourself to UV rays. In addition, the warm, soothing feeling you get from sunbathing can be calming and relaxing.

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Being outside is healthy

In addition to using a tanning bed, being outdoors is just another great way to absorb vitamin D. In addition, people who go outside during the day are often healthier than people who don’t. The sun, air and open space can make you feel better and healthier inside out.

Therefore, people are encouraged to get outside as much as possible while the sun is still shining. Try to make some time to be outside and enjoy the sun. You don’t really need to do anything specific. If you’d rather just sit on a bench, that’s also possible. But of course you can also do other activities that can give you additional benefits, such as jogging, exercising, picnicking, etc. Be careful not to spend too long in the sun or during peak UV rays from the sun, as this can cause skin problems.


There you have it, why sunbathing can be beneficial to your health and fitness routine. If you are looking for ways to be healthier, happier and toner, you can just rely on the UV rays. So go outside or a tanning salon, and make sure you get enough vitamin D.

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