5 user stories for healthcare apps

Healthcare is an evolving sector. Every day offers a different challenge. A disease outbreak requires an emergency protocol. Chronic diseases require more research. Technological progress makes it possible to make new medical devices and procedures operational. As these advances are made, the apps should be regularly tested for their successful implementation.

A health app testing company will ensure that the app is compliant with industry regulations, suitable for a wide range of users, and protects sensitive data.

We look at 5 healthcare user stories to understand the nuances of testing. Testers should test the expected functionality stated in the user stories.

1. I am a patient. I want to keep my doctor updated on my sugar test results on a regular basis so that he can track my health progress. I perform these tests at home. My doctor needs to be reported on the test results monthly to track my health progress. If the results of my sugar test indicate an imbalance, the doctor calls me for a visit. I would like to receive this notification from my doctor in advance so that I can easily schedule my visit.

2. I am a pharmacist. I want to send notifications to the doctors about the timing of drug stock updates so that they can recommend the right drugs to patients. A doctor may recommend a drug to a patient that is not available at a given time, leading to a waste of time and delay in treating the patient. It is best for doctors to inquire with me about the availability of the drug and prescribe an alternative drug if the drug is not available. I want to inform them about how long it will take for the drug to hit the market so that they can prescribe the patients accordingly.

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3. I am a doctor. I want to change the patient data entered into the system to correct inaccuracies in the report. The information was recorded by the nurse when the patient was admitted. The patient’s name is misspelled by the nurse. The patient forgot to mention a health condition they had treated several years ago. Both errors must be corrected in the system to maintain accurate patient history.

4. I am a medical equipment manufacturer. I want to communicate with the hospital about government regulations regarding the equipment so that they can purchase medical equipment from me. I need to send government regulatory documents to the hospital director for review. I need to receive signed documents from him. I have to send him the contract of sale of the equipment. I need to get a signed contract from him.

5. I am an ambulance care manager for the emergency department of the hospital. I want to receive and reply to messages to help patients in health emergencies. I want to make optimal use of the ambulances and that is only possible if I receive ambulance requests immediately. I need to be able to access multiple pages that load quickly, notify patients of ambulance availability, obtain the user’s address accurately, and confirm that I am sending the ambulance to the location.

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