There can be many instances where website development seems like a daunting task for you. You may not know about it, or you may not be sure where to start. However, now that you’re here, learn how to build a website without any flaws. You might not believe it, but building a website in three days is now more accessible. You don’t have to be an IT professional or website geek to do that!

You certainly don’t need to have any knowledge of how to code. It is because you can use different drag and drop website builders. Such builders are more than enough to give you the most fantastic website building experience in no time. These website builders keep you away from the hassle of coding and let you build a complete website just by dragging and dropping the required elements from your web pages. You can also by Sitebuilder.Reviews for the best help.

Now let’s learn more about these website builders below in detail.

List of some DIY website tools:

Once you start looking for the different website builders online, there is no going back. It is because you will come across a plethora of options that will surely confuse you. We’ve developed a specific list of website builders and content management systems you can rely on to help overcome this hassle. They are:


You can feel quite overwhelmed when it comes to building your website. But not anymore when you have WordPress by your side. It is the best content management system to help you develop your website even if you don’t know HTML coding. You need to add and remove the elements as needed and your website is ready with the best theme. This easy-to-use software has a large number of professional-looking themes to choose from.

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Here are some commendable features of WordPress that you should be aware of:

You can login to WordPress from any browser and make changes to your current website without any hassle.
WordPress facilitates its users with unlimited possibilities for embedding pages, products, posts and media.
It has a built-in content manager for blogs where you can easily remove or add content whenever you want.
WordPress makes it easy to schedule your posts to be published at a specific time, whenever you want.


uCoz is one of the best website building software used worldwide. It contains a whole host of tools that you can use for creating a website, even if you don’t have any coding skills.

It comes with a built-in content management system which is more than enough to give you a fully featured website for free. It has three types of options for site builders: online shopping, business, and personal. You can choose the one that fits the niche of your business and then start building your website.

Know the essential features of uCoz below:

uCoz has thousands of website designs and templates to choose from.
The ready-made modules are more than enough to give you the best website and save you time and effort.
uCoz comes with several SEO tools included, so you can expect better Google ranking of your website through their use.
Via uCoz you can easily and without any problems integrate all your social media handles into your website.


Wix is ​​a premium website creation software. The seamless integration and commendable features are sure to blow your mind. It’s available for free, as long as you want it. The drag and drop editor tools are preferred for anyone who is not proficient in coding languages. It has hundreds of great tools that are not only scalable but also beginner friendly. Via Wix you can easily adjust the template that you have chosen for your website.

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Some of Wix’s essential features are here:

Wix includes text editors and free fonts.
It facilitates the user’s website with an optimized mobile display.
It has an automatic blog styling feature.
It provides flexibility to add and organize pages to your website without any hassle.


DoodleKit is the best and free website builder that is a tool for every small business and other people to create their websites. Whether you are completely new to this field or not, you can easily create your website using DoodleKit. With the support of this content management system, you can easily maintain your website from anywhere. With its help you can store all your information in a database, create your forum discussions, photo albums and much more.

Several features of DoodleKit are:

You can choose an endless number of templates from the template library facilitated by DoodleKit.
You can even edit a template using the template wizard. If not, you can even make it right from the start.
DoodleKit gives you the flexibility to share your unique templates with other members. This way you can build your own template library.
You can easily add a unique font and various web page elements along with icons for the website.


Last but not least, Weebly is a great professional website builder that integrates with various tools to bring you a fully featured website. With its help, you can get many customizable web page designs to grow your business. This powerful website builder has thousands of themes to choose from.

Some of Weebly’s most notable features include:

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It has easy-to-use drag and drop website building tools.
It comes with several responsive templates.
It facilitates the users with accessible website publishing features.
Customer service is available 24/7.


If you work with the utmost effort and dedication, these website builders can quickly build your website within three days. If you still doubt that, you can certainly read extensive reviews for these site builder builders. reviews.

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