Expanding the reach of e-commerce activities in Dubai during the quarantine phase

With the increasing number of millennials and Gen-Z preferences for shopping online, the scope of e-commerce business in Dubai has increased. That is why we have selected a few powerful features and functions that are indispensable in all e-commerce apps during the corona pandemic to leverage the Dubai Shopping Business.

At the present time, the charms for e-commerce business in Dubai are starting to reach its peak, increasing the scope of online shopping methods. It has given the Dubai shoppers and business workers a reliable way to buy essential goods and quirky things just with a tap of their smartphone, both in regional and global locations. As a result, many shoppers and quarantine solutions for e-Commerce Business are emerging, creating the trends for buying goods from online stores instead of going to stores.

With this level of conduciveness in store and technology integrations, the scope of e-commerce business is making rapid strides in the Middle East and North African countries. Here we have the top 6 reasons that would motivate the digital transformation company to build reliable technology solutions for coronavirus pandemic that could help Dubai to become the powerhouse for e-commerce business:

Higher digital penetration

In Dubai, a majority of shoppers become heavily dependent on digital gadgets and find it inconvenient without them. This illustrates that there is significant growth in the e-commerce industry, with plug-and-play quarantine solutions quickly becoming unavoidable. In addition, according to recent research, mobile phone penetration is rising to a record high of up to 210.9 percent. With the availability of shopping platforms that connect seamlessly with each other, this has given a tremendous boost to online shopping etiquette and developed trust among the brand consumers.

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The main existence of Digital Natives is growing every day, making it one of the crucial aspects determining the longevity of online shopping during the corona crisis. Given the connectedness that prevails within the digital natives, the e-commerce companies are well-prepared to offer on-demand, near-instantaneous solutions to their privileged customers.

The smartphone users are about to reach infinity in Dubai and their preferences are driving the advent of mobile wallets in e-shopping practices. However, this is not unique to shoppers as Dubai had previously built local wallets with Etisalat, Beam and local banks. At present, the shoppers can now easily make their online payments from their smartphone or smartwatch using a digital wallet.

The intent of the government of Dubai is strongly inclined to create a cashless society that breaks down all the barriers that lie ahead in presenting Digital Commerce and Wallet Payments to its citizens. This is also reflected in the government’s move to introduce a wage protection system that applies universally to everyone. In addition, close access to quarantine technology solutions in the e-commerce industry now should definitely define the government of the future.

Currently, so far, about 70% of consumers entrust the trust by paying store owners in the form of digital payments. Essentially, all payment providers belonging to the e-commerce business in Dubai are working diligently to improve card security by adding an extra layer of security for every online transaction made by the customer. The merchants, business owners, financial institutions and retailers see it as an important opportunity to provide rewarding and safe shopping experiences for the customers.

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Growth in digital store prospects

Thoroughly viewed from the digital merchant’s side, the future future of e-commerce business in Dubai should flourish amid the coronavirus pandemic from the national and international level of standards. With continued advancements in e-commerce app designs, Dubai’s digital transformation companies have never been able to get the world-class shopping experience built for their Millennial and Gen-Z customers.

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In present times, the millennials and office workers in Dubai are planning to do their routine shopping through e-commerce apps and it is becoming mandatory for every Digital Transformation Company to identify the different ways and means to achieve Quarantine solutions for e-Commerce Business. In addition to the sheer volume of e-commerce business, there should be more cashless payment options for the online shoppers, with digital natives increasing linearly every day.

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