How do I choose the best discounted school supplies?

Pencils can be purchased online, often at a discount.

Discounted school supplies are available locally at department and office supply stores, as well as online. These resources are available to parents, students, and teachers. To find the best discounts on school supplies, consider quality and value, not just price. Buying large amounts of paper just because it’s on sale is worthless unless it’s the type and quality you need and will use. A good thing to keep in mind when shopping for school supplies online or on site is that many companies will honor another company’s coupons or discount prices to get your business.

Notebooks and other school supplies can be purchased at discounts in stores and online.

Companies willing to match competitors’ prices on discount school supplies often advertise that they will match or even beat a comparable lower price. If they beat competitors’ prices, it’s usually 10%. It is important to ensure that the quality and quantity of items per package are the same or the savings will be worthless. Search the website or print catalogs to find details on comparable products. If you really want to save money, be careful not to be tempted to buy extra school supplies or other products you don’t really need.

School supplies may include rulers.

If you’re a teacher buying discounted school supplies for your classroom or for your entire school, companies that offer volume or teacher-only discounts are ideal. Consider shopping for school supplies with other teachers for better discounts, then sharing the price difference. Most teacher websites and school supply stores have a wide range of products available, including furniture such as children’s work tables with chairs.

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Copy paper can usually be purchased at a volume discount.

When shopping locally, compare weekly deals. Most department and office supply stores have weekly flyers with special discounts every week. It’s best to stock up on discounted school supplies on the first day of the sale to get the best selection. Buy-One-Free (BOGO) discounts on school supplies can be found both online and in stores on the site.

Remember to consider shipping costs when shopping for school supplies online. Many online discount school supply companies offer free shipping, so it’s important to compare not only prices, but also the total cost involved. Take the time to check out the offerings from many different companies before choosing a short list of school supply stores to buy the items you need.

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