How do I choose the best shower kit?

A douche can be used to rinse the vagina.

The word “shower” is French and means “to wet or wash”. Women take baths to clean or wash the vagina. While tap water can be used, some women prefer to use a douche kit that contains a mixture of liquids, such as vinegar and water. The best douche kit will come with a bottle, an applicator nozzle, and a solution that doesn’t mess with your body’s natural chemistry.

Some women believe that regular douching removes the menstrual blood that remains after menstruation.

You should be able to find a douche kit at your local pharmacy or grocery store. When looking for one, be sure to read the ingredient label carefully. Many kits contain a solution of vinegar and water. Any shower kit that contains dyes or perfumes should be avoided, as these synthetic ingredients can cause irritation.

Although many medical experts believe that douching is unnecessary, women continue to douche because they believe it has benefits. Those who shower regularly believe that douching cleanses the vagina, removes odor, and rinses away blood after menstruation. Douching does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases, nor does douching prevent pregnancy.

Gynecologists can advise on douching and determine if underlying conditions may be causing odor or irritation.

When shopping for a shower kit, pay special attention to warning labels on the packaging. Showering is not without risks. Douching can upset the balance of the vaginal flora, the natural organisms that live inside the vagina and help maintain a healthy vaginal environment.

Both good and bad bacteria are present in a healthy vagina. The balance of bacteria helps the environment stay acidic. Excessive use of a douche kit can actually cause an infection. If there is an active infection in the vagina, douching can push the infection into the fallopian tubes or uterus.

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Tap water is acceptable when using a shower head, although many women prefer to combine water with vinegar.

Some doctors suggest that women avoid douching altogether. In most cases, an acidic environment is necessary to cleanse the vagina. If you are using hygienic douches to treat irritation or a strong odor, make an appointment with your doctor or gynecologist; both are signs that there may be something serious that needs to be addressed. If you discover that you have a vaginal infection, you should avoid using a douche kit until the infection has been properly treated.

Douching can cause some women to develop bacterial vaginosis.

Proper hygiene can replace a shower kit. Regular baths and a cleansing routine with warm water and unscented soap can help you feel fresh and clean without using a shower kit. If possible, avoid using feminine hygiene products that contain perfumes to mask the odor. These products can cause irritation and create an environment ripe for infection.

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