How to make a notebook? Step by Step

Making a notebook is super fun and easy, plus it saves you a lot of money and will have the most exclusive designs here we will show you how to make a notebook in different ways, personalize your notebooks and start exploring your creativity.

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How to make a notebook?

the folios are separations that are made inside the notebook, this in order to separate subjects, contents, etc. It is important to note that all sheets can be in different colors, and each sheet can be customized to your liking.

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The materials to be used;

White sheets
liquid white gum
Sheets in the color of your choice
Decorations to your liking

To start to make the notebook after having all the materials, It is important that the folio can be bound, this to make it like an untouched notebook, if it is to your liking and comfort you can also do it with a ring.

Step 1.- Decide the size you want for the notebook

Start by cutting the sheet of paper, you can make the notebook the size of the whole white sheet or you can cut it in half, so the notebook will be smaller; either way would be fine

Step 2.- Take the measurements of the sheets and their thickness, transfer them to the sheet

Take the cardstock or folio cardstock, with this you will measure or calculate the number of leaves that can fit well, so that the folio is not too thick or too thin, I recommend approximately 80-100 sheets

Step 3.- Join the sheets to fix them to the folio and not disassemble them

Because the folio is hard, it is recommended to glue the sheets, as cooking them by hand or shaping them into a ring may not look the same, but it’s up to you

Step 4.- The easiest way to join the sheets is using white glue and weight

One technique for gluing the sheets to the folio is place all the sheets neatly on top of each other, add enough liquid white glue on one side and put two heavy boards, one from below and one from above, and put weight on the sheets, so that they are thin

Step 5.- Check if the edges of the sheets are well joined

After the gum dries, remove the boards and extra weight, you must check that all the sheets are well glued, and that there are no loose ones, if this happens you must add a little more glue and wait again for them to dry

Step 6.- Paste the sheets of paper with the folio to form the notebook

Place the glued sheets inside the folio. add enough glue to the volume of the folio, and place the sheets on the same side where they were previously glued

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Step 7.- Let the notebook dry very well in a safe place

Put the notebook you just made somewhere to dry if you can. place them against a wall or structure, so that the volume has much better pressure, since it ensures that the sheets are perfectly glued

Finish decorating the folio as you prefer!!

How to make a ring notebook?

A personalized notebook is very easy to make, you enjoy having a unique and irreplaceable design; To make a personalized notebook at home, you need to have a series of materials, most of them always at home.

The materials to be used;

White or lined sheets
liquid white gum
Decorative, It can be foam, cardboard, sequins, cold paints, whatever you want.
A piece of cardboard approximately 60 to 65 cm.
Headband or a piece of string

Step 1.- Cut the leaves to the size you prefer

Choose the size of the sheets, we recommend cutting them in half as it will be much easier to open the holes to place the ring

Step 2.- Cut two pieces of cardboard slightly larger than the leaves

Cut the piece of cardboard the same size as the leaves, we recommend that you leave two centimeters on each side of the additional cardboard, so that the notebook looks much better

Step 3.- Decorate the cardboard to make the covers of the notebooks

EITHER the cardboard must be covered and decorated, you can do it with cardboard, with eva rubber, sticker and any decoration you want

Step 4.- Open the strapping holes in the sheets

Completely measure the sheet and mark with a ruler on one side every 1.5 cm with the pencil, it will be where the holes will be drilled to place the ring

Step 5.- You can use a glue gun for the holes

If you have an automatic doorbell, much better to just put the leaves on it and the cover on the machine next to the doorbell and soon

Step 6.- Decorate the main cover of the notebook with some photographs

You you can also decorate the notebook with photos, magazine clippings, stick them on the cardboard and then put a thin layer of liquid rubber on top and wait for it to dry so that the cover of the notebook is much more resistant

Step 7.- Wrap the leaves in the spring ring

We recommend let the ring be black, and choose a standard size, which is fine, because if it is too thick it may not be the right one

Step 8.- Finish by putting your name on the notebook

Personalized notebooks can also be decorated with the person’s name with good handwriting, start with your creativity

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How to make a log book?

A record is a series of electronic or written notes in which very important details of a job or project that is being carried out are collected, a manual log can be the best ally for your day to day.

To keep a logbook, you must have the same materials as a personalized notebook, but this time you have to add markers and colors to make everything more colorful.

Step 1.- Assemble the notebook by binding or binding the sheets

Prepare the notebook in the way you like best, it can be in the form of a ring or on the contrary with liquid eraser in the form of a book, it is important that the the sheets you choose are lined because it makes writing easier.

Step 2.- Put all the identification data on the cover of the notebook

THE the cover is made on the first page of the notebook, noting the name of the institution, address, name of the director, name of the team members, email and contact telephone number.

Step 3.- Identify the sheets for the summary

A the following pages will be for the index, it will be completed as the log write progresses.

Step 4.- Divide all the sections with the content of the blog

The third part is the rapporteurship and the procedures, they must be divided into several sections, agreements, commitments, observations, conclusions, etc.

Step 5.- The last pages will be for the bibliography

At last the bibliography is placed where consultation references are placed to delve into various aspects.

Step 6.- Number the sheets and leave some reservations for the references

all notebook pages must be numbered of the fourth page. set aside some sheets at the end to write references

Step 7.- Make sure the notebook is monochrome

EITHER the logbook must be sober and not so decorated, it is recommended that it be unicolor

Step 8.- Make sure it has a book format

all records must be prepared as a book it is recommended to use the sheets cut in half, so that it looks like a book.

Step 9.- Include all your data correctly

You data of the person who writes The blog must be complete.

How to make a travel notebook?

A travel notebook is ideal for lovers traveling the world This notebook must be small, practical and very fun that allows you to save photos, take notes of details, it can also be used as an agenda

Step 1.- Gather all the necessary materials

will use the same materials described in the previous sections.

Step 2.- Cut the covers of the cardboard notebooks

EITHER the cardboard will be cut in two ways the front will be cut to the same size as the sheets, but the back will be cut another 10 cm, these will be folded, to give the notebook a different look and feel.

Step 3.- Fold the larger cardboard to make a flap on the notebook

Once you have the cardboard ready, you fold the bottom one exactly where the measurement of the leaves ends, so that the fold is 5 cm thick.

Step 4.- Open the holes to ring the leaves

Lay out the sheets and open the holes in the rings the same way as if you were making a personalized notebook

Step 5.- Hold the flap that will close the notebook with an elastic band

Put a elastic band in front of notebook that goes from top to bottom, about 3 cm from the right side of the notebook, so that the decorative flap of the notebook is pressed

Step 6.- Add some colored sheets to the notes and that’s it

Colored leaves can be placed in the space. additional notebook for quick notes. ready you already have a travel notebook

How to make a cookbook?

A cookbook for the kitchen is the best that lovers of preparations can have, to make a recipe book you must do the following:

Step 1.- Use colored sheets to separate the recipes and open the holes for the rings

Take the full white sheets and open the holes with the hole punch. To buy colored separator sheets to be able to share sweet and savory recipes

Step 2.- Divide each section of recipes with the same number of sheets

Separate the leaves into equal parts. for each section you can put a cover for each area of ​​the recipes, this is up to your taste and creativity

Step 3.- Make the covers of the recipe books with the material that you like the most

create the bookcase or notebook, We recommend using eva rubber, or thick cardboard, this so that the recipe book is different, you can also cover it with plastic paper so that the notebook is not damaged by any food while the preparations are being made

Step 4.- Give a different touch to the sheets by personalizing them

You can customize sheets put only the ingredients above and the preparation below.

At last making a notebook is extremely easy, don’t get too complicated and remember that everything depends on creativity for decoration, the procedure to stick the leaves or open the leaves and place the ring is the same.

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