Instagram Marketing For Ecommerce Website

With over 300 million users, Instagram is a leading social media platform today. Due to the huge user base, every famous brand has an online presence on Instagram. The fact that it is a great marketing platform encourages any business, including popular brands and startups, to take advantage of its features and get a better understanding of the customers. This way you can connect with your customers, make their preferences known and market your eCommerce in a cost-effective way.

Use Instagram growth services for marketing purposes is not very difficult. Here are some guides to effective marketing strategies for Instagram

1. Use Instagram roles

If you don’t know anything about Instagram Reels, watch Tiktok videos. In order to compete with Tiktok, which has been gaining so much popularity lately, Instagram roles was introduced in 2020. Its main goal is to create engaging content for your audience in about a minute or less the Tiktok way. You can create roles directly in the Instagram app or even better upload content from your device. Like Tiktok and now Instagram features, viewers can like your reel, leave a comment or hit the share button.

2. Integrate Instagram photos into the website

In 2014, an online jeweler ran an Instagram campaign using a widget on its homepage showing customers wearing the brand’s accessories. Once users click on any of these images, a pop-up window will appear with the details of that merchandise along with a link to the website.

To integrate Instagram photos into the website, a third-party tool, namely Websta, was used,

3. Take Advantage of Lifestyle Photos

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Lifestyle photos are very useful for presenting your merchandise in a creative way. These images represent lifelike settings and thus are valuable to the users. For example for your website that has to do with: Dubai Marina Apartments for sale or features suburban styles of Arabian Ranches villas for sale, add relevant images of nice apartments with nice interiors, to attract the users more.

Lifestyle photos are widely used by popular brands. The reason behind this is that customers feel related to those images and have a clearer idea of ​​how to use your products/merchandise in the right way.

4. Schedule matches

Giveaway contests are a new trend on Instagram used by many brands. In these contests, users are asked to follow the brand and tag a certain number of people in the comments section. The winner will be announced by means of a draw. The winner will later be asked to rate the product/service won by sharing his or her experience. This is a great way to spread word of mouth and build brand awareness in addition to using Instagram accounts with real subscribers from trusted marketplaces like Accsmarkt.

These are some of the basic tactics to increase your followers on Instagram. The idea is to let more and more people know about the existence of your brand. You are the more followers you have on your Instagram, the more traffic there will be on your website, and ultimately it will lead to more sales. So, if you are looking for marketing for your e-commerce website, start with Instagram and these tips above.

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