Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams Net Worth, Early Life, Career

With hilarious stand-up comedy, Katt Williams has won the hearts of audiences worldwide. His one-of-a-kind humor and unforgettable performances have become a great entertainment source. This article provides a brief of Katt Williams net worth, early life, and the highlights of his career.

Who is Katt Williams?

Micah Williams, mostly known as Katt Williams, is a well-known stand-up comedian and actor from America. He first got national attention for his appearances on various comedy specials and late-night shows. His stand-up performances are very popular for their quick-witted humor, social commentary, and memorable characters.

For more than two-decade, Williams has achieved fame as one of the most successful and convincing comedians. And as a performer, he got so many awards and a loyal following of fans from around the world.

Katt Williams Net Worth

Additionally, he has also ventured into acting. He has worked in so many films and television shows over time. His on-screen presence and comedic timing have further set his position as a versatile performer. As of now, Katt Williams has been part of over fifty films and television shows, each contributing to his remarkable success.

Key Points to Know About Katt Williams

Full Name Micah “Katt” Williams
Born September 2, 1971
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 4 inches (1.65 m)
Profession Stand-up Comedian, Actor
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Net Worth $3 Million

How Much is Katt Williams Net Worth?

Katt Williams’s tremendous success in comedy and acting has translated into an impressive net worth. As of 2023, he owns nearly $3 million in net worth. His earnings majorly come from his stand-up comedy specials and tours.

Besides comedy performance, he is also an actor. So his acting projects are another source of his fortune. Merchandise sales, endorsements, and appearances on television shows also earn him side revenues.

Early Life

Born in 1971, Katt Williams is an Ohio native. Including having to spend time in foster care and his parent’s separation, his early years were difficult in many ways. He had to make a living as a street vendor from his thirteen. Despite facing difficult circumstances, Katt found his passion in comedy and humor.

Katt Williams Net Worth

While in his twenties, Williams decided to be a comedian. He began honing his comedic skills, performing at local clubs and the Cincinnati neighborhood.

Stand-Up Career: Major Source Behind Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams’s career is a remarkable journey filled with laughter, challenges, and triumphs. In comedy, he started out with small stand-up performances at local clubs and open-mic nights.

Drawing inspiration from legendary comedians, he created his unique comedic style. That is full of quick-witted humor and sharp observations. His early performances set the floor for his future success.

Comic View

Williams gained national fame when he became a regular on BET’s comedy series “Comic View.” His appearances on the show brought his comedic knack to a broader audience. It also caught the attention of industry insiders. His charisma and natural comedic ability made him a standout performer sooner. And his career began to gain momentum.

Breakout Stand-Up Special

In 2006, Katt released his breakout stand-up special. It was the “Pimp Chronicles” (part one). The special was a huge success with favorable reviews. Not just that, it led to Katt’s status as a rising comedy star. His fearless approach to comedy, tackling controversial topics with humor and wit, resonated with audiences highly.

Further Success and Stand-Up Specials

Following his previous success, Williams continued his career with many successful stand-up specials. Including the Pimp Chronicles (part two), his other special is “It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin”. Each special showcased Katt’s unique comedic voice. And he eventually made pretty much a loyal fan base.

Taking a break for a while, Williams made his comeback with his fifth comedy special, “Priceless: Afterlife”. After two years of this, he released his sixth special “Priceless Afterlife.”

Continuing with his specials, he also has released two Netflix specials. One released in 2018, was Great America. And another one is his most recent comedy special, World War III released in 2022.

Acting Ventures

Not just a comedian, Katt Williams is also evolved as an actor. He expanded his career into acting with the film “Friday After Next” in 2022. His natural comedic timing on the screen caught the attention of filmmakers. That led him to more acting opportunities.

Along with “Norbit”, Williams has worked in the films “First Sunday” and “Scary Movie 5”. As an already famous comedian, he successfully brought his humor to the big screen. Besides, he has worked on several TV series, appeared in and hosted different shows.

Some of His Legal Issues

While he has had a successful career, Williams has also faced several legal issues over time. These legal troubles have included various incidents such as arrests, lawsuits, and allegations.

One notable incident occurred in 2006 when the comedian was arrested for possession of a stolen firearm. He later faced charges related to firearms and drug possession in subsequent years.


In 2010, he faced a lawsuit from a fan who claimed that Williams punched him during a performance. Additionally, he has been involved in various altercations with audience members during his comedy shows, leading to further legal complications.

Despite these legal challenges, Williams has continued to maintain a successful career with multiple shows. And he still remains a prominent figure in the comedy world.


How many adopted kids does Katt Williams have?

The stand-up comedian, Katt Williams has seven adopted kids.

How old is Katt Williams now?

As he was born in 1971, this makes him 51 years old now, as of 2023.

Does Katt Williams have a Netflix special?

Yes, Williams has not one but two Netflix specials, Great America and World War III.

How much does Katt Williams charge per show?

Based on reports, the comedian charges between $50K to $100K per show. It could be for private events, appearances, speeches, or any other performances.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Katt Williams is a highly successful stand-up comedian and actor. He is mostly popular for his unique humor and stage performances. His journey from adversity to fame is inspiring. And this inspiring journey resulted in Katt Williams net worth impressively.

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