PEMF therapy promotes rapid bone and soft tissue regeneration

PEMF therapy may also be called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It is a medical procedure that treats non-union fractures and depressive states using electromagnetic fields. This procedure is also known as Low Field Magnetic Stimulation or LFMS for short.

PEMF therapy conditions the cells of the body like batteries after they have been depleted. In many cases, PEMF therapy is used to rejuvenate the brain and physical body. In America, PEMF therapy is approved for use as evidence confirms over 80% potency.

Studies have shown that pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulate the fusion of extracellular arrangements of the bone. The physiological procedure of the response of the bone cells to PEMF therapy occurs through the fusion of extracellular constructs and the marking of molecules in the wound.

The essence of the marking process is to send information to the bone cells to link structural extracellular build-up with labeling molecules. When the connection is established, there would be a boost in the ability of the bone tissues to respond to changing physicochemical environments and biomechanical demands. As a result of these complex biological processes, healing takes place.

Some studies recorded a decrease in fusion time and an increase in healing level in some fresh tibial and femoral neck fractures after being treated with PEMF therapy.

Reasons for Bone and Soft Tissue Damage

A bone is broken or damaged when there is a break in its continuity. The continuity break happens when there is stress or a severe impact on the bone. In some cases, fractures can be caused by physical conditions such as osteosarcoma, osteoporosis, and Ewing’s sarcoma.

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Osteosarcoma is a condition in which cancer cells develop bones, while osteoporosis is a condition in which the body uses up too much bone tissue and does not make enough tissues to replace it. Ewing sarcoma occurs as a result of tumors in the legs, arms, or pelvis.

More so, bones can break or be damaged from car accidents and falling from elevated areas. Apart from the above types of bone fractures and damage, some other types include torsion fractures, hairline fractures, etc.

When a bone breaks, it doesn’t just break. Soft tissues associated with that bone are also affected. Soft tissues are a group of cells that support networks and locomotion. Soft tissues include nerves, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and ligaments.

Incidents such as car accidents can cause soft tissue damage, and this damage is usually disastrous. In fatal cases, the ligaments, muscles, and tendons can lengthen and tear severely. Soft tissues are known to have a tendency to heal on their own, but the healing process takes time and can be very painful.

In severe circumstances, the affected person may have part of their body dysfunctional. Also, overuse injuries can occur during physical recreations. These injuries occur when the victim sports incessantly and does not have enough breaks in between.

The most popular types of injuries in this category are bursitis and tendonitis. Tendinitis occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed while bursitis occurs when the bursa becomes inflamed. Bursas are small sacs that are gelatinous. They are in the shoulder area, heel, knee, and a few other places.

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How PEMF Therapy Helps Bone and Soft Tissue Injuries

PEMF therapy is a bloodless treatment performed to promote enhanced cell communication, tissue modification, and cell strengthening using magnetic frequencies. These magnetic frequencies ensure adequate blood flow and circulation to the affected areas. Due to the induced circulation, the pains in those regions can disappear. Because of this discovery, PEMF therapy is also being used to repair bones and soft tissues.

As is well known, PEMF therapy uses magnetic fields in the affected areas of the body, magnifies them and uses them to work. Research into this therapy has led to the conclusion that since the human body contains electrical and electromagnetic frequencies, it is possible for the body to exchange frequencies with the therapy. Therefore, this exchange may lead to necessary repairs and development.

PEMF therapy has been used to replace treatments that can cause side effects in patients and may not be performed for a long time. The same therapy has also been seen to discourage the use of surgery in some cases. Wherever and for whatever reason PEMF therapy is used, the focus and mechanism are magnetism and electricity.

The system of action of PEMF therapy with bone treatments is the same as soft tissue treatments. The therapy uses the standard magnetic fields in the human body to perform treatments without causing side effects. The pulsed electromagnetic therapy works for each individual part of the soft tissue. When the therapy is given to treat the muscles, it weakens the nerve’s response to the cells. This process releases the muscles from any tension.

When this tension relief occurs, the muscle aches and twitches are relieved, leaving the whole body feeling great. The therapeutic nature of PEMF therapy is a relief for doctors and patients. Studies are underway to validate its use in cancer treatment.

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People who need the PEMF therapy

The PEMF therapy is often recommended for people with conditions in the following regions:


The therapy is also recommended for people with conditions such as:

Peripheral neuropathy
Poor wound healing
Chronic joints or soft tissue inflammation
Chronic symptoms and syndromes of fatigue

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

From the descriptions of the operative nature of the therapy, it can be inferred that the procedure offers many advantages. Some of the benefits of PEMF therapy are highlighted below.

It enhances the body’s natural healing process.
It rejuvenates the body cells.
It increases sports performance.
It helps patients recover faster from injuries.
It corrects cellular disturbances in every part of the body.
It increases the physical energy of patients.
It relieves patients from inflammatory pains.
It helps the patients to sleep and have a balanced immune system.


Injuries related to bones and soft tissues are very painful and cause a lot of discomfort. The treatment is a safe and non-disruptive process to restore a healthy balance. It facilitates and reproduces the body’s natural electromagnetic frequencies and acts as a charging mechanism for the body’s electrical storage.

Most importantly, the benefits are on the high side without worrying about side effects.

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