Top 16 Software Test Blogs in 2022

With the increased demand and need for software testing trends in the market, a bustling number of experts and professionals serving the field, and the digital market becoming increasingly competitive, software testing blogs are all the rage. We’ve rounded up the best software testing blogs that QA engineers should follow for better learning and improved approaches to software testing.

1. Google test blog

Google has its own specialized software testing blog that is regularly updated and provides insight into the challenges of software testing across platforms and provides guides and solutions to the issues related to software testing. Google Test Blog is, of course, a go-to place for many testing experts.

2. About test automation

On Test Automation is a test blog by Bas Dijkstra, an expert in test automation with ten years of experience in the industry. So this software testing blog has a lot of information and insights to offer both young and experienced testers. As Dijkstra believes, test automation is an art; and this art is learned as a craft.

3. Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help is one of the fastest growing software testing blogs. With a traffic of over a thousand QA professionals visiting the blog every day, the platform has gained traction quite quickly in a short period of time. This is largely due to its content, expression and instruction manuals, making it a preferred choice even for beginners and amateurs. The blog is run by Vijay Shinde, who believes in experimenting with new things and delivering the results to the wider community.

4. Software Test Leader

Software Test Leader is one of the emerging media platforms that guarantee to provide the latest and exciting technical content for its readers. They have professionals and writers who inform the readers with their knowledge and experience. People like this site because their urgent questions are answered by technical experts. The content generated on this site can be easily explained by non-technical people. That’s why it helps everyone.

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5. Sticky Ghosts

The Sticky Minds is the official blog of the Sticky Minds community, featuring experts in various fields contributing content in various fields such as cloud computing, agile testing and all things big and small. This blog also has a Q&A section where readers can ask questions and a panel of experts answer those questions. Sticky Minds is one of the most forward-thinking software testing blogs available for information on the market.

6. Quality Notes:

Quality Remarks is led by Keith Klain, a software testing expert specializing in financial services and consulting firms. He believes in improving the software testing domain by coaching and empowering the testers. This blog also focuses on solving organizational problems through improved software testing.

7. Satisfaction:

Satisfice is a blog by James Bach, a well-known name in the software testing industry. After winning a test luminary award, a member of the international Society of Software Testing and an expert witness against Microsoft antitrust lawsuits, his blog offers nothing but a wealth of information, based on practical experience. His work focuses primarily on the future of testing through the lens of his experience as a software tester.

8. The Friendly Tester

The Friendly Tester is run by Richard Bradshaw, a prominent name in the testing industry. It is one of the software test blogs that focuses on context-driven software testing and automation in testing.

9. Test Fort

Test Fort is a testing and QA blog by TestForce, a testing and QA company. This software testing blog has a panel of experts, QA members and other industry leaders who contribute to the blog on a weekly basis. This is a good platform for basic knowledge and simple guidelines.

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10. Test curve

Testing Curve is a more specialized blog that mainly deals with CI/CD pipelines, regression testing and writing code. Run by Joep Schurkes, a software testing expert with over a decade of experience, The Testing Curve is one of the software testing blogs with a great learning curve.

11. Dan Ashby’s Blog

The author of this blog Dan is a popular opinion leader in the software testing industry. He writes highly technical and insightful content in his blog. According to Dan, when we talk about goodness, software should be seen in a larger context. Sometimes he says his blog is only about testing. However, it is much more than that.

12. Developing sense

The majority of testers who keep themselves updated with the latest software testing news try to keep themselves updated with valuable information by reading it if the sole purpose is to collect data for a larger testing project. Hence, Develop Sense is a popular blog by James Bach and Michael Bolton that plays an important role in providing rich quality assurance content to its readers. The readers deserve so many things from Michael Bolton in his in-depth articles and test resources. These things are shared with all testing professionals.

13. TechBeacon

Techbeacon is a new eccentric tech blog to accelerate DevOps news and testing methodologies through guest blogging from thought leaders and industry professionals. The reader of these articles will learn techniques to improve agile development and the techniques for highly positive product releases from renowned industry professionals.

14. Global App Testing Blog

The blog called Global App Testing plays a vital role in informing people about trends, best practices and regular hints to give you the information that will bring you back to your software testing team. It includes the following things listed below.

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Best Techniques to Develop a Good Software Testing Strategy
Creating a quality culture in your company

This includes the white paper and the resources section.

15. Software Testing News

Software testing news includes the most cutting edge news in this software testing industry. You’ll find content about developments in artificial intelligence (AI), quality assurance features, and tester insights. This allows us to think about methods to improve the quality assurance plan.

16. Testing Agile with Lisa Crispin

Lisa Crispin is one of the extremely popular influencers in the quality assurance universe and her agile test articles are very prominent proof of this. The readers can see podcasts, books, trainings, presentations and blogs of excellent quality.

These are the best software testing blogs every QA and testing professional should follow.

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