Top game development companies in the world in 2022

There is no way to live in this digital age and not know anything about mobile games. Regardless of your age and gender, a game is something where everyone unites and creates an unbreakable bond. From casual pinball machines to the current PUBG battle, the gaming industry has more than expected every generation.

Computers and consoles are not just devices for playing games; Our multi-talented smartphones are another player with powerful hardware to enhance your gaming experience and serve as a utility. The plot, mechanics, graphics and controls of mobile games are appealing to teenagers today, which is why they keep their eyes on smartphone screens. Every game development company is well aware of mobile game trends and constantly improve the level to excite mobile gamers.

Moreover, games are not only a source of pleasure, but also responsible for brain growth. People learn survival skills from them and become logical thinkers. Apart from that, games are a status quo among young people as they connect virtually and fight against competitors. It’s the new definition of friendship. Gamers make a good schedule and plan – they charge their devices, plug in their headphones and a troop enters the digital warfield.

It gives the reason that game development companies come up with new concepts and raise the bar. So if you’re looking to partner with some good game development companies, you’ve clicked on the right page.

We have made a list of the 12 best game development companies, which you can browse and choose according to your project requirements. So let’s take a look at it to find your perfect development partner.

1. Prismetric

Prismetric consists of professional developers with a passion for games. They develop mobile games with stunning graphics quality that entertain gamers all over the world. Their strategic approach, artistic work and expertise speak in their developed games. Quality assurance engineers test games from every aspect and guarantee a quality experience for their audience.

Dedication is what Prismetric values ​​the most, and they work hard to make an engaging game every time. They focus on every little detail and bring perfection to every pixel. In the game development community, Prismetric specializes in casual game development. Their unique selling point (USP) is the custom framework that allows them to develop a game with great detail within budget and a shorter time-to-market with the desired quality.

So if you are an expert in casual games development, Prismetric is your best choice.

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2. Juego Studios

In the US, Juego Studio has a top position in mobile game development services. Be it action, board, casual, strategy, social, puzzle, educational or any other game genre, Juego Studios has expert hands in every category. They give you exactly what you want. Their technology stack consists of tools such as Photoshop, Unity, 3Ds Max, 3Ds Maya, Coco-JS, and AR and VR game creation. Their design team is highly potential and optimized to deliver the expected result with minimal resource usage. With an attractive user interface and a direct user experience, their games provide a gaming experience that you will not soon forget. Juego Studios’ testing department has a keen eye for bugs and errors. They find and delete them to maintain a consistent user experience on the gamer’s side. For professional development, don’t forget to check out their services.

3. Argentinians

They develop engaging games without compromising on quality and work on immersive, reality-based solutions. Argentinians have work experience with worldwide known names such as Bacardi, Audi, Nike, Kernel and Volvo.

From analyzing the feasibility of the idea to prototyping and production to publishing, Argentics takes care of everything for their customers. They are with them every step of the way along with constant collaboration to be on the same page. The company also helps clients brainstorm a unique and effective idea, determine tools and technologies, and polish the overall concept so that you get the best result from all aspects.

You can contact them for projects based on XR, VR, AR and get advice for game design.

Any type of game you want, they’ll build it for you right away.

4. BR Softech

In developing countries and next generation software BR Softech is considered a world leader. It is an ISO certified company and has the award for its remarkable work. Founded in August 2010, this leading IT company focuses on creating digital solutions and products that are unique and made with advanced technologies. They have over 250 employees and have years of experience in game development. With them you can transform your business verticals and get smart in your operations.

BR Softech serves various industries by providing smart solutions and includes commendable industry-relevant experience. They have experts working on technologies like MR, VR, AR, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to provide transformational ways by sticking to the innovation and executing the client’s project with precision.

5. Cubix

Cubix is ​​a well-known company for custom software application development in the industry. It is a digital product company with over ten years of experience. They provide App Development, Game Development, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, SharePoint, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR, VR, Enterprise solutions and many more technology related services.

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The team that operates under the roof of Cubix is ​​highly experienced and technical. They see every problem as an opportunity and take advantage of it. The technology stack here is in the loop of always upgrading. Developers and engineers who work here are masters of their field. They do not claim themselves with this master title, but their work speaks very vividly. You can visit the internet to see their customer testimonials and the company’s portfolio. It’s hard to find negative reviews about their work.

6. Orange soft

Orangesoft is a web and app development company based in Belarus with over nine years of experience. They are experts in developing, solving challenging business problems and programming custom mobile applications. With their full-cycle development model, you receive a high-quality digital product and solution at an affordable price.

Under their umbrella, you get web development, game app development, business analytics, UI and UX design, QA and testing services. Orangesoft is one of the good options to consider for your game application development.

7. Nine Hertz

NineHertz is today the well-known name of the industry working on innovative technology. They always deliver an improved user experience in their work. Considering the price factors, NineHertz offers a relatively low price for mobile game development. Feedback from their customers reflects their expertise in the development domain. They develop 2D and 3D games along with isometric games for all types of mobile devices. Some of the tools from their arsenal are Unreal Game engine, Smart Fox Server, Unity Engine and HTML5.

In addition, customers can also get a free consultation from NineHertz. They advise them free of charge on a feasible and cost-effective plan for the goal they want to achieve. So no matter what kind of game the customer wants, the company will surely amaze them with their professional work.

8. Mobcoder

Mobcoder is a full flash package for everyone. It offers full stack services for Android, iOS and the web. In addition, quality assurance, needs analysis and project management run parallel in every development work. Their specialties lie in shaping digital strategy into solutions and business requirements, influencing the startups to harness the full power of their services and products.

Mobcoder supplies digital solutions with a high efficiency. They include all types of development services. It includes development for IoT, iOS, Android, web, UI/UX design, cross-platform, Ruby on Rails, AR, VR, Node.js, iBeacon, and Wearables. In addition, Mobcoders has provided applications related to Entertainment, Social, Fitness, Enterprise and other categories in this digital world.

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9. Goji Mobile

Goji Mobile is a composite of mobile game developers and expertise in Python, Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Golang, Docker, React Native, and AngularJS. Games produced by this software agency are based on the engaging storyline and attractive graphics that game developers create, paying attention to every detail. In addition, they work hard to synchronize the graphics and character with the plot, creating an exceptional mobile gaming experience. In the game industry, Goji Mobile is regarded as a major player who can create addictive games.

10. zGames

Creating games for multiple genres, zGames is a dedicated game development company that provides custom game solutions developed with advanced development tools. In a few years, the company became adept at performing gameplay, updates, rapid prototyping, testing, error correction, and post-development services. Their development cycle is very effective and consists of artwork, level design, character creation, Flash-to-Unity migration and other notable factors. zGames ranks highly in the industry for cross-platform, native, console, desktop and browser-based game development.

11. United Ideas

United Ideas is also one of the reputed names that delivers engaging games professionally. In a ten-year journey, the company reached great heights and set its unwavering standard in the community. United Ideas has a track record of more than 200 successfully completed projects. While most of the clients they get are referred by their existing or previous clients. When we think of a company where passion formulates to work, United Ideas is the name that comes to mind.

12. Retro Cube

Among gamers, this game development company is a reliable option. They also work with wearables along with Android and iOS development and serve every type of audience. By leveraging the real-world experience of educational, medical, entertainment and other industries, Retrocube aims to create an attractive game world for gamers. Skilled programmers and designers work together to bring success. So, to set up your business, partner with Retrocube today and ensure success.


Undoubtedly, gaming is the number one reason for entertainment for millennials. Baby boomers also enjoy some casual games side by side. People are more attracted to AR and VR games because they give a new dimension to experience things. In the coming days, we expect these immersive, reality-based games to become a new norm.

Likewise, if you are looking for a business startup, a quality game digital product is the best to go on this date. But remember to invest in the right game development company to start your journey in the right direction. We’ve highlighted the top twelve game development companies to be your right driver and drop you off at the right destination.

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