Top Health IT Companies in the US for 2022

Virtualization of the healthcare sector is the main focus of all governments around the world today. Healthcare IT companies today are becoming very competitive around the world and America, with the existence of several small and bigger players. Thus, the healthcare IT solutions market is also fragmented and bloated, with some top players accounting for over 30% of the total market.

With the Healthcare IT Solutions you experience streamlined and modernized care and it even connects various stakeholders in the digital healthcare market. In general, healthcare IT usually refers to software and hardware, such as electronic information systems, that are used to create, send, store, receive, and analyze health information. We have listed the top Health IT companies for 2022.

Cerner Corporation

Founded in 1979, Cerner Corporation is focused on developing and providing intelligent solutions to the healthcare industry in America and the world. This company provides the best and latest technology solutions to connect systems and people with a wide range of services from thousands of supplier facilities worldwide to support the financial, clinical and operational needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes.

McKesson Corporation

Founded in 1833 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, McKesson Corporation is involved in supply chain management solutions in healthcare, community oncology, specialty care, healthcare information technology, and retail pharmacies. Offering generic, branded and other healthcare products, it also offers practice management, clinical support, technology and business solutions for specialty practices and oncology in the community.

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International Business Machine Corporation

Founded in 1911 with headquarters in NYC, IBM Corporation empowers lawyers, leaders and influencers to solve the biggest challenges. It provides Healthcare IT solutions through its subsidiary IMB Watson Health. With a strong network of distributors and subsidiaries, IBM has a significant presence in several regions and around the world.

GE Healthcare

Founded in 1994 with their sole headquarters in Illinois, GE Healthcare is the subsidiary of General Electric and operates in the healthcare industry by providing the best and most advanced IT solutions to improve the operational and patient care efficiency of healthcare providers. GE Healthcare offers a variety of products and services to various hospitals, medical institutions, research facilities, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and life science research centers around the world. The Healthcare IT solutions are offered under their Healthcare Digital Business Segment.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

Founded in 1896, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions is the oldest company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This company specializes in providing information technology solutions and services to support healthcare companies in achieving their operational goals, along with financial and clinical outcomes. It offers services and products in collaboration with its strong subsidiaries and distribution network.

Athens Health Inc.

Founded in 1997, Athenahealth Inc. is the healthcare provider headquartered in Massachusetts. It offers services in collaboration with ambulatory care providers and hospitals. It operates through two distinct business segments: Business Services & Implementation and Others. It provides network-based health records, patient engagement, revenue cycle, care coordination, and population health services through a single instance of cloud-based software under their Business Services segment.

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