Top providers of AR/VR solutions in 2022

In recent years, we have observed the development of augmented and virtual reality platforms. With the steady improvement and a drop in the price for the technology, it will soon become ubiquitous.

However, AR and VR are not only technically great, but they also have a range of potential business. This also includes consumer applications that have yet to be discovered.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top AR/VR solution providers in 2022. You can use this guide to find the right partner for augmented or virtual reality development.

1. Wave Optics

A majority of companies are looking for ways to get rid of wearables to provide a hassle-free AR experience. Perhaps Waveoptics wanted to take a different path. They are currently working on lenses that are a mixture of special crystals and waveguides. It helps them make thin and light lenses.

An interesting thing to note here is that they believe their tools can be scaled in such a way that the AR lenses look like regular glasses. If they succeed in achieving their goal in the future, people will happily say goodbye to sturdy AR glasses.

2. Neural

Mind control still sounds like a subject of science fiction even today! However, Neurable tries to make it a reality. Using their platform, you can interact with VR and AR applications using just your brain activity. Interesting, isn’t it? This prevents delay-sensitive tools such as eye tracking and voice commands.

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Basically, they used machine learning and electroencephalography, or EEG, to figure out what your brain wants to do. No doubt you can use your brain to think faster than you can to use a controller to give a command. Perhaps platforms like Neurable are glimpses into the future of VR.

3. VR ride

The main goal of Jaunt VR is to make immersive stories a reality. Currently, there are several 360-degree movies, shows, documentaries and much more on offer, all in virtual reality.

With their headset you go to a virtual room where you can view everything from their collection. Imagine being able to tour Redwood National Park at the touch of a button, see San Francisco Giants, or enjoy Emmy award-winning documentaries!

Their content is entertaining and fascinating for the audience. Adding virtual reality to it makes people feel like they are actually experiencing the events documented by Jaunt.

4. Augmedix

It is a misconception that AR/VR has no value in healthcare. However, Augmedix has proven it to be wrong. Augmedix uses Google’s Smart Glasses and projects images and other information about a patient.

Not only this, the data is stored in the Augmedix database for future references. The data is extracted when the patient is before the doctor. This prevents the doctor from going through paperwork or registration as they can see everything on the screen.

Another plus is that it is not based on the spoken instructions given to the patient. Certain test cases with Augmedix have shown that doctors can examine more patients per day!

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5. Yeehaw Wand

Are you fascinated by 3D images and virtual objects? Well, you can make them too, and that too without any 3D programming or 3D graphics training! No, it’s not a joke. The goal of Yeehaw Wand is to help people bring their creativity and imagination to life.

To do this, all you need is your smartphone or tablet and of course their magic wand. If a user wants something, he can also send it in physical form to a 3D printer.

What it comes down to:

AR is one of the fastest growing industries in the tech world. It gains even more prominence as more and more startups come out to create various AR/VR tools. The developers aim to create a world of AR/VR technologies that are available at an affordable price. From utility software like GST software or payroll management software to advanced tools like one for 3D modeling, AR and VR will transform everything.

All of the above platforms are probably some of the best in their field. However, the list becomes endless as new and exciting technology is being discovered every day.

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