What are the best bob haircuts for boys?

A child’s activity level should be taken into account when choosing boys’ haircuts.

Bob haircuts are both classic and modern. As one of the most versatile hairstyles, “the bob” is suitable for all ages, almost all face types, and all hair types. Bob haircuts for kids aren’t that different from those for adults, and there are actually a few reasons why they might be more appropriate. Due to the versatility of the bob, it’s best to do a little reconnaissance before dragging a child into the salon, so take a look at the photos to get an idea of ​​the type of bob haircut that suits your child best. Browse barbershop and barbershop websites for bob haircuts for boys or visit your local salon for idea books.

Like the adult versions, bob haircuts for kids can vary slightly in length and can be graded, stacked, smooth, or edgy. The biggest advantage of the bob haircut for girls is the instant “fullness” you get from cutting your hair shorter. Babies and young children often have very fine hair when the hair is long. Since children tend to have short hair on their heads, especially around the ears and neck, most of the baby’s fine, fluffy hair was cut two, three or more times by the time they were three years old. For those girls whose hair grows long, that baby-fine hair is still on them at the ends. By cutting it, the weight is removed along with the finer hairs and the result is almost instant volume.

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For girls, a short graduated bob with clean lines is best. For older boys and tweens, bangs and shaggy locks are equally suitable. Bob haircuts for boys tend to fall between the chin and the base of the neck. If a boy is wary of cutting himself to length, start him off with a longer version of the bob to allow time for adjustment. Besides the length, especially when it comes to boys, the most important question is usually whether or not to cut the bangs.

Cutting bangs prevents hair from falling into children’s eyes. If you can’t keep your hair discreet by tucking it behind your ear, you may need a band or clip to keep it back, especially during activities like sports or games. Consider the child’s activity level. If this has been a problem in the past, opt for a mane with bangs.

One of the biggest advantages of bob haircuts for boys is the ease of maintenance. Washing is faster and easier, and styling takes much less time with far fewer tears. In fact, a bob haircut can be the perfect haircut to teach children to take care of their own hair. To help with this process, invest in a lightweight spray detangler or conditioner and a wide-toothed comb that fits in your hands. Be sure to show children the correct way to wash and care for their hair before loosening it with hair products.

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