What is a bus cable?

A cable is a thick rope or bundle of insulated wires through which electricity passes, and is often used to connect equipment to a power source or other equipment. A bus is a digital path that connects devices and resources. A computer has two main types of bus, called a system bus and a peripheral bus. Although a system bus is an internal path between the computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) and its memory, it is connected by a bus cable that the user can never see. The peripheral bus connects the computer to a peripheral device, and if the user purchases a peripheral to connect to, the connection will be made through a bus cable, either provided with the peripheral or that the user must purchase.

A cable can refer to a set of insulated wires through which electricity passes, and is often used to connect equipment to a power source.

The types of devices that can be connected to a computer via a bus cable include printers, scanners, monitors, networks, recording systems, and external drives. The peripheral buses by which they are connected can be parallel or serial buses. The AT/ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) bus was one of the first types of parallel bus to become available in 1984. It was phased out with the development of the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus, the input-output used with more frequency ( I/O) bus. ) bus. PCI and AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) are the parallel buses used today, and SCSI connectors are a type of bus cable used with parallel buses.

Serial buses typically connect to peripherals via Universal Serial Bus (USB) or FireWire®. The USB standard was first introduced in 1996 and the fact that Apple® included it in the iMac® in 1998 increased its popularity. USB is a popular bus cable due to its plug-and-play capability, and USB 2.0 is even faster than the early standard. FireWire® is an Apple® term for the IEEE 1394 port, but is also known as i.LINK® and Lynx. FireWire® 400 was released in 1995 and FireWire® 800 in 2002. A FireWire® port is often provided with USB 2.0 ports and is popular for external hard drives and speakers.

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