What is a fruit bouquet?

Melon, which is often used in fruit bouquets.

A fruit bouquet is an arrangement of whole and cut fruit that has been assembled to resemble a flower display. Fruit bouquets can be used as edible table decorations and are also given as gifts on holidays, birthdays and other events. Fruit bouquets can be made at home, and can also be ordered from caterers that specialize in edible arrangements of all shapes and sizes. Some grocery stores sell fruit bouquets or fruit bouquet kits, with a collection of cut fruit that people can take home and arrange however they like.

A fruit bouquet can feature a variety of whole and cut fruits, including apples.

In a typical fruit bouquet, pieces of fruit are cut and skewered to resemble flowers. For example, pineapple rings can be cut in the shape of flowers, with balls of melon or strawberries in the center of each “flower”. Garnishes such as parsley can be used to add some depth and background to the display, along with smaller pieces of fruit cut or carved into floral shapes.

Fruit bouquets often use uniquely shaped fruits, such as carambola.

Some people place fruit bouquets in a vase or bowl, with a piece of Styrofoam at the bottom to hold the skewers in place. Others can use another fruit, such as a melon, as a container to hold the bouquet by sticking the skewers into the sides of the fruit. The bouquet can be decorated with ribbons, edible gold and silver foil, and other edible decorations to add visual interest.

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Fruit bouquets may include bananas.

Any number of fruits can be used in a fruit bouquet. Many caterers use a variety of fruits to achieve a wide range of colors, but it is also possible to create themed fruit bouquets, such as tropical arrangements with fruits such as mango, coconut, papaya, passion fruit, carambola, etc. As a general rule, firm fruits that can be easily peeled or de-seeded if necessary are ideal for placing in a fruit bouquet, while softer fruits or fruits with pits, seeds, and sticky skins tend not to work well .

Oranges can be part of a fruit bouquet.

Unlike a fruit basket, another type of fresh fruit gift, a fruit bouquet is extremely perishable. The fruit can be kept as fresh and firm as possible by soaking in acidified water or seasoning with lemon juice to slowly air-brown, but the bouquet usually tastes best within a few hours of being assembled. It is better to eat this edible decoration quickly, otherwise the fruit will begin to brown, wilt, dry out and look quite unpleasant.

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