What is a healthy life?

The ability of an organic being to be born, develop, reproduce and die is called life. In a broader sense, the concept is associated with existence. Already healthy is one who enjoys good health or what is positive for health. It should be noted that good health refers to the state of the body that performs its functions normally.

With all these clear ideas, we can understand what the notion of healthy living refers to. This type of life is based on an existence that favors physical and mental well-being and that avoids activities or habits that may be harmful to the body.

One of the pillars of a healthy life is healthy eating. Those who want to lead a healthy life reject junk food and foods that due to their characteristics are potentially harmful (because they contain a lot of salt, a lot of calories, etc.). A healthy life, in this way, implies including vegetables, fruits and cereals in the diet, for example. Every day more nutritionists condemn the consumption of animal products, pointing to a long list of associated diseases and disorders, such as cancer. Also, many vegans (also known as strict vegetarians) claim that a healthy life is only possible with an exclusively plant-based diet. Daily physical activity is also an important factor for a healthy life. As a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of suffering from various diseases, to lead a healthy life it is necessary to practice sports on a daily basis. Not all of us are athletes, but to have a healthy life it is enough to keep the body moving. For example, walking every day is a good way to activate the body. Those who want to show off a statuesque figure will have to work much harder, but the minimum that we should all aspire to is a physical state in which we can use our bodies normally, regardless of age: many people reach old age without using walkers. or canes, for example, and are able to walk, run, crouch and jump, though not with the agility of youth. A healthy life also requires not falling into addictions such as smoking, using drugs or consuming an excessive level of alcohol. Anyone who smokes, uses drugs or is an alcoholic puts their health at risk. The presence of addictions is a clear indication of some deficiency, so it is correct to assume that they are not compatible with a healthy life. This lack should not be ignored, but aimed at finding a solution and being able to leave the addiction behind. Tobacco, for example, is especially harmful because it affects smokers and their environment, pollutes the environment and increases anxiety, as well as causing physical damage to the lungs and skin, among other things.

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Resting adequately, minimizing stress and finding time for leisure are other elements that make up a healthy life. Many times we forget that entertainment is not “for children”, but that we all need to have fun and laugh to live to the fullest; Although in adulthood we tend to prioritize obligations, it is essential to take advantage of free time to relax and get as far away from barriers as possible. The concept of a healthy life can also be understood as a happy life, since it is not possible to enjoy good health if we drown in sadness or frustration. That is why rest and leisure are so important, since they allow us to renew our energies and explore our creativity, to face everyday problems with more strength and better predisposition and to find more practical solutions.

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