What is a low profile bed? (with photo)

Platform beds are usually inconspicuous.

In bedrooms, the bed can be the centerpiece of a design scheme. Larger beds, however, can overpower smaller rooms. Especially when using a bed frame, box spring or box spring and mattress, the effect can be overwhelming. In contemporary furniture design, this has been resolved with the low profile bed.

Low profile bed generally refers to a bed frame and not the actual mattress. It can be of two different types. Some beds considered low-profile are actually minimal in design. The framework can be extremely simple so as not to dominate a room. Another type of low profile bed is the bed frame that is lowered to the ground. This can be a help for those who don’t like the feeling of having to crawl into bed, and the lower bed height can lessen the feeling of bed overload in small or large rooms.

The simplest bed of this type is the metal frame. It’s low to the ground and couldn’t be more minimalist in design. People hardly notice a metal bed frame unless they are looking under the bed. Others feel that they want something design and that the metal frame is not enough for their decoration tastes.

Many types of platform beds are low profile, and because the mattress tends to sit directly on the platform, the bed is much lower. There are taller bed platforms, but ones that are a few inches off the ground would be considered low-profile. Platform beds may have few design details and may even lack a headboard and/or footboard.

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Other low-profile beds have an elaborate design but simply take up less vertical space. People can increasingly find a wide variety of styles, including those with a sleigh bed back. Another variation is the types of materials used to make low-profile frames. Many people prefer smooth wood, which can be varnished or painted, or some frames have a leather lining, especially on the headboard. Colors tend towards neutral browns, whites and blacks, which can help reduce the visual impact of the bed.

Some things to consider when shopping for a low profile bed include the types of beds available. Most beds like this are platform beds, designed to be used with a single mattress. Not everyone is comfortable with this type of bed and you may need to look into those frames that allow for a box spring.

Another consideration is storage space. While some low-profile beds have designated storage, others do not. Some styles will definitely do away with convenient under-bed storage.

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