What is a scissors?

Scissors are a tool used for cutting. It consists of two single-edged blades or knives joined by a handle. These leaves usually end in a point; At the other end is the handle, which usually has openings for the user to insert their fingers.

By means of the rod mechanism, the scissors (sometimes called scissors, even in the singular) can be opened and closed. In this way, what you want to cut is placed between the two blades, with the scissors open. Pressure is then applied from the handle so that the blades close: that is, they come together. Due to the sharpness, what has been inserted between the sheets is cut.

For example: “Mom, I need new scissors for school because I lost the one I had”, “Please give me the scissors to cut the handle”, “These scissors are ideal for cutting cardboard”. It is possible to find a wide variety of scissors, with different characteristics depending on the use for which they are intended. There are gardening scissors, hairdressing scissors, office scissors, etc. Each of them can have very different characteristics, which makes it impossible to use them in an area for which they were not designed: for example, gardens are very large and cannot be manipulated with one hand, while hairdressing gardens they have a shape and a designed edge. especially for hair and should not be used to cut materials such as paper. In general, adults do not allow small children to use scissors, since a little carelessness can cause injuries of varying severity. Using scissors requires a certain degree of hand-eye coordination, as well as relatively sophisticated finger movements to maintain stability and make a clean, precise cut. Since human fine motor skills do not reach their maximum level of development until youth, it is not recommended to use sharp objects until a certain age. However, it is very common for children to use scissors in schools to perform various manual tasks of an artistic nature, which on the other hand stimulates the development of fine motor skills; In this case, teachers give their students scissors specially designed to prevent accidents, covered with a plastic sheath that eliminates the danger of the tips and leaves only a small part of the edge visible. Scissors are also called (such as scissor doors, to cite one case) those devices that have mechanisms similar to those of this tool, with cross elements and a rod.

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In soccer, scissoring is a move performed by hitting the ball with a jump and crossing your legs in the air. This term also appears in the name of one of director Tim Burton’s most important films: “Edward Scissorhands”, also known as “Young Scissorhands”. It is a very peculiar story, whose protagonist is a young man artificially created by a scientist who cannot finish his work, since he dies shortly before finishing his hands, which until then had scissors instead of fingers. Eduardo is adopted by a very generous woman, who finds him alone in the inventor’s mansion. The plot is very moving, although it has elements of humor, suspense, and action, and offers several deep messages about friendship, loyalty, and tolerance, among other values.

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