What is energy efficiency?

Traditional light bulbs are much less energy efficient than new ones.

Energy efficiency has become a common goal around the world in an attempt to reduce environmental pollution and decrease the amount of resources used to maintain a basic standard of living that is expected to be comfortable. While various companies provide various definitions of what this means, the bottom line is that it is the reduction in energy used in appliances and household items that provides the same level of performance you would expect. Some examples are washers and dryers that save energy, water heaters that use less gas, and light bulbs that use less energy but provide the same amount of light. Energy efficiency is a combination of various aspects of daily life that can decrease the energy used while still providing the same benefits.

Switching to CFL bulbs can help make a home more energy efficient.

The most common way people increase energy efficiency is to get rid of old appliances and use newer models that work better and faster than most older models. Most retail and building supply stores offer various types and brands of appliances that require less energy and resources to run, but offer the same or even better performance. Energy efficient washing machines and toilets use less water, electric ovens use less energy, and water heaters store hot water longer without having to have a burner on all day.

Electric ovens are more energy efficient than gas ovens.

The easiest way for people to increase energy efficiency is by changing the light bulbs they use in their homes or businesses. Basic light bulbs use a substantial amount of energy to provide a specific level of light, so replacing them is highly beneficial. Energy saving lamps provide the same amount of light with a drastic reduction in the energy required. Replacing basic light bulbs with energy efficient styles will increase the energy efficiency of your home or business.

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Energy can be conserved by replacing older air conditioning units with newer energy efficient models.

Many people see energy efficiency as an aspect of daily life that needs to be addressed by everyone, including large corporations and governments. It’s a simple task to convert normal living conditions to energy efficient living, and although the initial cost may be a little more, the money saved in the end can be worth the investment for many people. Increasing energy efficiency around the world not only decreases the amount of energy used, it can also help lessen the impact people have on the Earth.

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