What is the steering wheel?

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), volanta is the name given to the vehicle that, in Mexico, is used by customs officials in charge of road control. The term is also used, according to the RAE, to name a specific horse-drawn carriage.

The concept, however, currently has a very different use in some countries. The flyer, in this sense, is an element that is part of written journalism: it is the text that is located in the title of an article or note. The function of the flyer is to anticipate or complement the information that appears in the title. Although there are different configurations or organizations of journalistic material, it usually happens that in a written note there is the volanta (the brief text about the headline), the title or headline (which clearly explains the content of the news), the descent or pompadour ( a summary with the essential content) and the text or development itself. In addition, other elements may appear, such as photographs and captions.

Precisely because of the essence and usefulness of the word volanta in the journalistic field, we must say that in other countries it is defined as a pretext. Some theorists call the set of elements that are not part of the main text of the note a paratext. The flyer and other paratextual elements seek to attract the reader’s attention and seduce him so that he can continue reading the rest of the content, which is already more developed. Let’s see an example: Volanta: The work had a cost of two million dollars

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Title: The National Museum reopened after renovation

Bajada: The president participated in the act that took place yesterday afternoon. More than one hundred special guests have already visited the renovated institution, which will open its doors to the public next Tuesday. Likewise, we cannot ignore that La Volanta is also what is called a well-known restaurant in Argentina. Specifically, it is located in the town of Villa Carlos Paz, located northwest of the province of Córdoba and belonging to the Punilla Valley.

It is a place that specializes, as it is known, in what is South American food and, more specifically, in roasted meats. In addition to all the above, we cannot fail to affirm that the term in question is also used in relation to fauna, more precisely with what aquatic species are. And there is a fish that responds to the name of young hake. It is fished with nets, it is identified because it has a great quality and, in addition, it has the advantage of having a cheaper price compared to other varieties of the same fish.

It has a slightly whiter color than the others, due to the fact that it loses scales in the nets, which is why it differs, therefore, from cob hake, which has a somewhat blacker and brighter appearance. In any case, it should be noted that it can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

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