How do I choose the best soap container?


With so many types and brands of soaps on the market, one of the main ways to differentiate yourself from others and attract the public is through packaging. Packaging has a lot to do with selling the item – it can either bring customers in or put them off, especially when there is an eco-friendly product wrapped or packaged in something that is far from familiar. When the customer cannot see the item inside, the packaging is the best way to give an idea of ​​what the product is about. For more decorative products, transparent packaging allows the merchandise to stand out. Obviously, cost is also an important factor, especially for a business that is just starting out.

An unwrapped bar of soap.

Many cannot buy a product that is advertised as organic when the packaging is harmful to the planet. When it comes to selling an ecologically correct product, using recyclable packaging is not the only packaging option, there is also plantable wrapping paper. After customers unwrap the product, they can plant the soap wrapper and it will grow into flowers. When the product is finished, there is no soap, no packaging, and both the company and the customer know that they have done something good for the planet.

Three bars of glycerin soap.

When choosing the soap container, choose the one that corresponds to the type of soap or the business itself. For pet-specific soaps, containers with paw prints or animal silhouettes reflect the business, while lavender-toned containers with lavender flower designs can match lavender-scented soaps. For the business that wants to keep it simple, opt for solid-color packaging that complements the color of the letters in the business name.

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Soap packaging can be as simple as a piece of string with a tag attached.

Another option is to consider the use of transparent soap containers depending on the appearance of the product. Those creating decorative bar soaps don’t necessarily need to go with the standard solid color soap packaging. If the soap has an embedded item, such as a toy, flower petals, or dried fruit, or if the item was formed from a mold, opt to use clear packaging so the soap can be advertised. Use clear plastic wrap or a small clear plastic box, the latter can also be reused by the customer.

Cost plays a big role in how the soap packaging is used. The more elaborate the packaging, the more expensive it is likely to be. Buying in bulk can save you a substantial amount of money. For a business just starting out, ask for samples of packaging options before purchasing large quantities; it will allow you to review the finished product and make any necessary changes before placing large quantities of the item on the market.

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