What is an undercounter freezer?

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Also known as an undercounter freezer, the undercounter freezer is a compact freezing unit that fits neatly under a standard kitchen counter. The unit is normally the same size as the standard built-in dishwasher. Although small, freezers of this type are capable of performing all the functions of larger freezer units, with the only real difference being the number of frozen items the unit can hold.

In configuration, an undercounter freezer can have two to three drawers that can be opened similar to the cabinet drawers in most kitchens. Food is placed in each drawer and can be retrieved relatively easily when needed. The drawer configuration is growing in popularity as it allows the owner to place meats in one drawer, vegetables in another, and fruits and sundries in the third. Such an arrangement makes it very easy to retrieve the proper type of frozen food when preparing a meal.

The other design of an undercounter freezer is very similar to upright freezer models. A single door opens to the outside to allow access to the interior. Inside, removable shelves allow you to organize frozen foods that are stored in the freezer. Some units have storage baskets that can be placed under each shelf, which also helps organize the contents of the freezer.

As with the upright freezer and full-size upright freezer, it’s not uncommon for the undercounter freezer to be freestanding. That is, there is no need for any type of plumbing required for its operation. Automatic defrost equipment helps prevent the unit from ice and ice build-up, eliminating the need for a drip pan under the unit.

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It is possible to combine the exterior of the undercounter freezer with other kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and the oven. These compact freezers are available with stainless steel exteriors, as well as traditional appliance colors ranging from white to black. Many units come with adjustable feet at the bottom; The feet allow the height of the freezer to be adjusted so that the unit fits neatly under an existing counter. A skid plate comes with several units and helps hide the feet when the freezer is in place.

While an undercounter freezer can be a great convenience when space is limited but more freezer capacity is needed than a standard refrigerator freezer can accommodate, most units are quite expensive. In fact, many of them will cost at least as much as other types of freestanding freezers. Depending on the exterior finish and other factors, an undercounter freezer can easily cost twice as much as a regular freezer.

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