What is transportation?

The concept of transportation is used to describe the act and consequence of moving something from one place to another. It also allows to name the gadgets or vehicles that serve this purpose, transport people or goods from one place to another. Some examples where the term may appear could be: “The transport was delayed more than two hours in relation to the scheduled departure time”, “I would like to go on vacation, but the price of transport is becoming more expensive and I cannot afford it . ”

Transport is part of logistics, which is the set of means and methods that make it possible to organize a service or a company. In the world of commerce, logistics is about getting products to the right place, at the right time, and under the right conditions. Therefore, the transport of goods is within it. The objective of a company is to guarantee the correct distribution and commercialization of products at the lowest possible cost. In this sense, transport includes both vehicles and related infrastructure (trucks, ships, freight trains, roads, ports, etc.).

There are two types of transportation, public and private. There is talk of public transport, to refer to buses, trains and other mobile units that serve to mobilize the citizens of a community and that is financed and administered by the current state. It should be noted that, in some cases, these cars belong to private companies that have some type of agreement with the Government and have assumed the responsibility of providing a specific service to the community. It is important to emphasize that this type of transport is not intended to generate profit, but must fulfill a social function and be useful to the community. For example: “Public transport is collapsed and requires greater investment to meet the needs of the population.” Private transport, however, is owned by individuals or private companies. In this case, those responsible for the maintenance of said vehicles are their owners, as well as those responsible in the event of an accident. Guitar transport In music, the concept is used to refer to a flexible object that is placed on the neck of the guitar and other stringed instruments to translate the tonality of a piece without changing the digitization (drawings made with the left hand on the strings to produce the desired sound).

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When you put it on, even if you type one key, the sound you get will be a bigger key. For example, if you put the transport on the first fret and play an E (E minor), the sound that will be produced will be a Fam (F minor), and if you move it one more fret, you will get an F#m (F sharp minor). ). ). Its uses can be two: * Increase the tuning of the instrument: allowing you to accompany other instruments or a singer playing at the height that is most comfortable for you;

* Play difficult chords more easily: By placing it, certain chords considered complex can be simplified, such as B flat major or F major, which require placing the index finger crosswise (capo); It is very useful for beginner or inexperienced guitarists. Although many refer to it as mute, it is necessary to point out that this is incorrect, since its functionality is to turn off the sound and not modify it. On the other hand, another way of calling this gadget is with the term capotraste. Finally, it should be noted that its creator was the Andalusian guitarist José Patino González, known throughout the world under the pseudonym El Maestro patiño.

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